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We appreciate and celebrate diversity as a core American value and find that the multivariate backgrounds, skills, attitudes and experiences which spring from a diverse community generates the kind of fresh ideas and unique perceptions necessary for success. Our firm serves clients representing a wide range of ethnic, cultural, religious, economic, ability, orientation, gender, status, and generation diversities and we strive to reflect that heterogeneity in our workforce.

Fluency in language(s) in addition to English is always a big advantage when seeking employment with us. We are currently especially seeking employees fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, Kurdish, Persian, Turkish, Hindi, and/or Spanish.


As an public accounting firm, there are certain times of the year when the workload around here is significantly heavier than it is at other times. While we have initiated a variety of policies and procedures to spread tasks across time through the year as evenly as possible, there are inevitably times when our team-members must be at the office outside of our normal operating hours (9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday). We strive to mitigate this requirement with ample paid time off in addition to offing built-in flexibility on a daily basis. Essentially, we require everyone to ensure that they are completing their tasks and “doing their jobs” in accordance to the workload or job description assigned to them. We also ask that everyone make it routine to in the office during regular business hours (unless we have made an alternative arrangement with you specifically) at least 75% of the time on those days when the workload is very low simply to be available to clients.

​We are often able to work with employees to make individualized schedules and other arrangements when needed to optimize the well-being of our people and their families while continuing to prioritize the needs of our clients.


Retirement Plan: Employees may contribute to their retirement plan account in any amount beginning on day one of employment. For employees who have been with us for 2 years, we will contribute to their account as well, in amounts equal to that contributed by the employee (a dollar for dollar match) up to three percent of the employee’s annual salary. Employees may always contribute more than 3%, however these additional contributions will not be matched.

​Health Insurance premiums may be reimbursed or partially reimbursed. We have found that employees are able to get better plans- with better coverage and lower deductibles, co-pays, and premiums- when they seek and select their own policies than they could have gotten through a company plan (especially when making use of the APA Marketplace:

​Flex Spending options are offered to all employees, whereby you can elect to have a an amount of money taken from your paycheck pre-tax to pay for certain expenses (such as childcare payments, insurance premiums, medical expenses, etc…).

Continuing Education & Professional Exam Fees are fully or partially reimbursed by the firm, depending on position and details of the expenditure type and purposes.

​Paid Time Off: New employees are granted 1-2 weeks (depending on factors such as position and experience) of paid time off for vacation. We have not found it necessary to assign a specified limit to sick/personal time off; because employees can see that the work they put into making the business successful pays off for themselves as well, each and every member of our team has demonstrated a high work ethic, and we are able to simply say “if you are sick, you are sick; and if you need to take care of personal business or family one day, then that is what you need to do.” As long as all of the work is getting done, we happily avoid policing our people.

​We close the office and do not require our employers to work on the following U.S. National Holidays: New Years Eve* (beginning at noon), New Years Day*, Memorial Day, Independence Day*, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day*, Thanksgiving & Black Friday, Christmas Eve*, and Christmas Day* (*or the day on which it is observed). We value the diversity in our company family, and we regret that the list of Federal holidays lacks sensitivity and inclusivity. Anytime someone here needs to forgo work to celebrate or observe a holiday significant to their culture, faith, or nationality, it is encouraged that they discuss this with us so that we can make that arrangement.

​Two weeks of paid leave are available to employees for certain purposes (such as the birth or adoption of a child, or the major illness or injury of a loved one in need of their caretaking). We cooperate with employees who need or desire to take time off for parental or family leave beyond the standard 2 weeks, aiming to develop an accommodation that will meet everyone’s needs as well as possible.

​Flexible Arrangements (Work-from-Home, Flex hours, Job-Share, etc…) may be possible. We have worked with employees to devise a wide variety of arrangements to accommodate their needs. We don’t want our employees to struggle with balancing work and family needs, so we strive to work together with you to find a solution that meets the needs of both the firm and your family and personal needs.

​Profit Sharing: In addition to distributing increases in profits amongst the team members who made them possible, anyone who brings in a new client receives a portion of profits from serving said client. This amount varies and is arranged privately between the company and the employee.

​Bonuses: In leu of pay bonuses, James and Loren habitually give everyone in their work family cash gifts twice a year: in late November just in time for “Black Friday” shopping, and mid-April following the tax-season decathlon. Gift amounts are based on factors such as length of employment, job type, work ethic, and, above all, how successful the firm has been throughout the year.

​Gym Membership: We want to offer gym memberships to employees and are continuing our efforts to connect with a gym to make this happen.

​Coffee, Sodas, Snacks, and such are provided in varying quantities.


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